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Greetings cards

Redmarley Christmas cards

Greetings cards

Bluebell cards


Redmarley Christmas cards

Our very popular Redmarley themed Christmas cards are on sale again, all from paintings by Cynthia Fortnam. There are four cards:


Redmarley at Christmas                                                Enjoying the snow

Some winter scene cards:


The Holly & the Ivy                                                 Walking in the woods

All cards are on sale at £1.00 each and are obtainable from Hilary Morton

(01531 651869)  – email: redmarleyforge@gmail.com 


General greetings cards

Our existing range of all occasion cards are shown below and are still for sale. These are also produced from paintings of Redmarley Village life by Cynthia and allow for your own personal greeting. 


“Watching the World go by”                            “The Slow Lane”        

and a double-sided card

           “Redmarley Village”

Each of these cards is priced at £1.00

Bluebell cards

We have a new range of “Bluebell” cards produced from original paintings by Cynthia.


     “Bluebell Wood”                       “Bluebell Ride”                           

and a long card     


                                    “Bluebell Walk”

All cards are priced at £1.00 each, except “Bluebell Walk” which is £1.50. They are obtainable in the church or from Hilary Morton (01531 651869) and Ann Cooper (01531 650761).