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Funds raised

The Redmarley Church Heritage Society has worked hard since it was founded in 2017, with a programme of fund-raising events including a monthly “Fortune Club”, donations from villagers and applications for grants. Altogether, to the end of December 2020, our efforts produced £ 110,324 and here’s where it came from:

St Bartholomew’s original fabric fund         14,033
Donations from villagers 30,761
Gift Aid on those donations   3,606
RCHS fund-raising events      12,676
Grants 50,700
  £ 110,324

Restoration Phase 1

The tower was put on the Historic Buildings “At risk” register and there was a danger to the public as the parapet was severely degraded, with the result that it had to be fenced off with unsightly wire barriers. This initial phase of the restoration included the following works on the upper part of the tower and parapet, done by Wall Walkers who dispense with scaffolding and use abseiling techniques:

Raking out old mortar, pinning the loose parapet stone and re-pointing with lime mortar

Replacing perished stone and lead work

Cornice repair and leading

Repairing water chutes

Corner flaunching

New vice door and frame

            and in preparation for the next phase

Where needed, de-frassing the lower levels of stone to avoid it shearing off and injuring people

Improving weather resistance of areas not yet renovated

This first phase of the restoration project cost us £ 97,451.

What comes next

There is much restoration of the stonework on the lower levels of the tower still to be done (see the buttress photos on “The Tower in Trouble” page). A quick look at the tower shows that quite a few stones have crumbled away and though they have been made safe, they will need replacing. The lower cornices will, in many places, need to be cut out and replaced and subsequently leaded. There is considerable work to be done and our fund-raising will continue.

It is unlikely that the remainder of the project will cost less than £50,000. At the end of December 2020 our funds amounted to just under £12,000.