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The Tower in Trouble



The Church

There has been a church in Redmarley since at least the 13th century, and part of the tower probably dates from that time, the base being medieval, probably 1290 and the upper part dating from 1738. This red sandstone structure of Redmarley Church is a landmark for the surrounding area as well as a focal point in the village and as such it is part of Redmarley’s heritage.




The Problem

Redmarley church tower

Eroded stonework at tower base


(Jump to Progress So Far brought up to date at November 2021)

St Bartholomew’s Church has recently undergone a review to ensure the building is in a good state of repair. The extensive report indicates many areas which will need attention in the near future, but it highlights serious issues concerning the tower.
The report suggests that a maintenance programme for the tower is paramount. Many will have seen the fencing which has been erected around part, to prevent people walking too close and possibly encountering falling masonry. It is essential to prioritise the work but it will be necessary to work with professionals to make sure the tower is made safe and continues to be a beautiful structure enhancing the main church building.

Redmarley church tower

Eroded stonework on tower buttress



This historic building has been listed with Historic England as a Grade 2 Priority Category A – “At Risk” building and all will realise that to finance this will be an enormous strain on the resources of the church community.