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Following two public meetings in Redmarley a new group has been set up to raise funds for the urgent and ongoing repairs to the village church of St Bartholomew’s.  This historic building has been listed with Historic England as a Grade 2  Priority Category A – At risk building.

Following the first meeting of this new steering group on 15 May an executive committee was formed and all agreed on the name of Redmarley Church Heritage Society.  The committee is headed by Hilary Morton as Chair, Peter Condon (Treasurer), Catherine Craig (Secretary), Ann Cooper (Minutes Secretary), Rod Beardshall (Technical Advisor), Anne Jones, David Cooper, Jason Brooks, Sue Ward. 

The committee will look at ways of raising funds, apply for any eligible grant funding, form a Friends group and organise activities for everyone to enjoy as we forge ahead to ensure this historic building remains open for current and future generations. This community project will succeed with the enthusiastic support from all.  Ongoing updates will be given online, through Leadon Life and local newspapers. 

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  1. Jan Long says:

    What a great idea to raise funds for this wonderful historic Church and Tower. Congratulations to all those who are working so hard to bring this about.

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