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08 April 2012: Results of the Broadband Questionnaire



What is the Redmarley High-Speed Broadband Initiative?

Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC) and Gfirst, with Government support, are working to bring high-speed broadband to rural Gloucestershire.

As part of this initiative the partnership needs to prove there is enough demand from local people, com-munities and businesses to encourage a private-sector partner to invest in the area. Local communities have been asked to aid the partnership in developing the case for this investment.

What is the questionnaire for?

It attempts to capture how the internet is being used in the community currently, what prevents residents from using the internet, and what people would like to use the internet for if able to?

I already have Broadband. Isn’t that High-Speed already?

Yes and no. The range of broadband speeds varies hugely across the parish—and is insufficient for new and upcoming technologies such as high-definition multi-media (iPlayer), teleconferencing (Skype) and the increased use of online ‘cloud’ services.

I don’t have a computer, and I don’t want one. Why should I complete the survey?

Internet enabled devices are becoming more prevalent—from phones, to TVs, to energy meters. In addi-tion many local and national government services will be provided online. In the near-future many people will access these service via devices that aren’t ’computers’ as such. Therefore your views are important.

If I fill in this questionnaire does that mean Redmarley will get high-speed broadband?

Unfortunately no. But it will help in gathering evidence that there is demand (or not) in Redmarley for the services that could be provided by high-speed broadband. If there’s demand it’s more likely to happen.

What happens to the information in the questionnaire?

The data is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998 and therefore your details will not be passed on to any third-party unless you choose to.

How do I fill in the questionnaire?

You can do it online at www.gfirst.co.uk/broadband or fill in the questionnaire which can either be posted to the Freepost address shown on the front page or returned to your Broadband Champion who will forward it on to GRCC.

Who’s Redmarley’s Broadband Champion?

My name is Stephen Wood and I live at 16 Hyde Park Corner, Redmarley.

Where can I find more information?

A dedicated Facebook page has been set up at www.facebook.com/groups/redmarleybroadband.Alternatively you can send an e-mail to broadband@redmarley.org.uk. The Gfirst web-site also provides more information at www.gfirst.co.uk/broadband In addition this website is likely to have regular updates. Finally, feel free to pop by for a chat if you prefer.

You can download this information as a PDF document here.

Thank you for your assistance. It’s much appreciated.