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LotDescriptionStated locationClick
62Orchard & pasture landHethelpit CrossPage
63Orchard & pasture landAdjoining lot 62Page
64Five cottages with gardensPage
65Piece of pasture landAdjoining lot 63Page
66Valuable piece of orchard & pastureAdjoining smithyPage
67The Heath FarmParish of Redmarley Page
68Brangwells FarmParish of Redmarley Page
69Hartledge Hill FarmAlready soldPage
70Rose & Crown public houseRoad from Glos to LedburyPage
71Lowbands FarmMissing
72Blackford MillParish of Redmarley Page
73Grimers FarmParish of Redmarley Page
74CottageWyebrook LanePage
75Redmarley Park FarmParish of Redmarley Page
75aLowbands school & school-houseRedmarley Page
75bExcellent piece of pasture landClose to Lake FarmPage
76Timber, brick and thatched cottageParish of Redmarley Page
77Cottage & gardenPark Gate, Redmarley Page
78Stone, brick & slated cottageParish of Redmarley Page
79Rough-cast and tiled cottageParish of Redmarley Page
80Redhill Farm Parish of Redmarley Page
81Cottage & smallholdingRedmarley VillagePage
82Small farm known as Inn HouseRedmarley Page
82aArable & pasture landChapel Farm, Parish of Redmarley Page
83Playley Green FarmParish of Redmarley Page
83aValuable piece of pasture landOpposite Rose & CrownPage
84Superior cottage, garden & landRedmarley GreenPage
85General shop, cottage, garden & orchardRedmarley VillagePage
86Brick-built and tiled buildingRedmarley GreenPage
87Cottage & gardenRedmarley VillagePage
88Cottage & gardenRedmarley VillagePage
89Half timber-built & tiled cottageRedmarley VillagePage
90Three cottages and gardenRedmarley VillagePage
91Allotment gardensRedmarley VillagePage
92Chapel FarmParish of Redmarley Page
92aBrick built & tiled cottageHyde Park Corner, Redmarley Page
93Scar FarmParish of Redmarley Page
94Leasow small holdingParish of Redmarley Page
95CottageHaw CrossPage
96Brick-built tiled & thatched cottageHaw CrossPage
97Brick-built and tiled cottageHaw CrossPage
98Orchard Haw CrossPage
99Cottage & gardenHaw CrossPage
100Garden & site of old cottageHaw CrossPage
101Cottage & gardenHaw CrossPage
102Pair of brick-timber built & tiled cottagesThe Lottery, Redmarley Page
103Small holding known as Alford CourtParish of Redmarley Page
104Pair of cottagesPayford BridgePage
Acreage listPage
List of tenantsPage