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These are the minutes of a General Meeting held at the Village Hall on 5th March 2017:

Present were the Committee and 65 people from Redmarley Village

 The Chairman, Peter Condon,  opened the meeting by outlining the problems and opportunities that face the Village Hall. He read out the Charitable Objectives of the Redmarley Village Hall Trust and explained how the committee (the Trustees) was bound by them.

 He then went on to give a resumé of the financial position, noting that the Hall is financially sound. Over the past five years the committee has spent £35,000 on refurbishing and improving the Hall but we still have £7,000 in the bank, £2,000 in the redecoration fund and £5,000 has been promised by the Severn &  Wye Energy Trust. The Chairman explained that the Hall is being used less and less frequently and, whilst this has meant a reduction in revenue, it has been partially offset by a reduction in costs.

 The main cause for concern is the dwindling number of committee members and the increasing age profile of the remaining Trustees, only one of whom is now under sixty.

The current posts on the committee are: Chairman, secretary, house-keeper, treasurer, bookings clerk, grounds keeper, maintenance manager, heating schedule manager. Additionally the changing rooms need managing, these were added in 1995 attracting a grant of £120,000 but are now only used 25 times a year.

The chairman concluded by reminding those present that in 1995 there were several committee members in their 40s or 50s and that at the beginning in 1966 there were up to 15 committee members. Today there are only seven active members and the committee must recruit more volunteers, especially younger ones, if it is to survive. He stressed that, above all, the Hall needs someone prepared to promote it as a venue, to plan and organise functions that will attract people to the Hall and ensure it has a future role in the community. 

The Chairman then opened the discussion to the floor.

There were several suggestions as to what form the functions might take; badminton, table tennis (as part of a youth club), quiz nights, dances and yoga classes were all mentioned. Mike Wright suggested obtaining a drinks licence so that the Hall could have a bar, the Chairman replied that as a licence could readily be obtained for any function that requested a bar, this was probably unnecessary.

The Chairman reminded those present that whilst these ideas were all useful the fundamental problem was a lack of manpower on the committee to implement them.

David Berrisford informed the meeting that an offer had been made by the Academy Trust to take over the running of the Hall. The Chairman thanked Mr Berrisford for his comments but replied the purpose of the evening was to inform the Village of the need for new committee members and seek ideas for the future, not to discuss a change of stewardship.  If Mr Berrisford presented  a proposal to the committee, they would meet with the school at an early date to examine it.

There was a general discussion as to why the Hall was failing to attract the younger members of the village to the functions that had been organised. The feeling amongst the younger people present was that these events were not ones they wished to attend. However, when asked what events they would like to see organised no suggestions were forthcoming.

As there were no further comments or suggestions from the floor the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20 pm and invited anyone who wished to help out on the committee to remain behind and give their names to the Secretary.

Five people came forward with offers to join the committee and five others indicated that, whilst they were unable to commit to a full time role, they would be willing to help out as the need arose.

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