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Members of the FoDDC Planning Committee yesterday (12/02/13) refused plans to build eight houses plus two flats on the proposed site at Rock Pitch.  After sitting for two hours listening about (but not belittling) bats, miners, and Cinderford regeneration, Jeff Wheeler expertly expressed all of our concerns (with just three minutes to speak); and with the support of a number of councillors got this tenuous application rejected.

The final vote, out of 15 councillors, was: EIGHT against, SIX for, and ONE abstention.  Two of the councillors voting for the plans had not even visited the site – if they had taken the effort they would have seen what a ridiculous proposition this was.

Unfortunately this will not be the end of it – Severn Vale Housing are likely to appeal against this decision.  They have six months to lodge such an appeal, and when they do we need to come back at them with even more opposition.

Many thanks to the efforts of Jeff Wheeler, Bruce Manning, and all those who took the couple of minutes to download and submit the template letter (and indeed the people who took a lot longer compiling their own arguments). Thanks also to Redmarley Parish Council for opposing the plans, and for Cllrs Philip Burford and James Bevan for speaking up for us yesterday.

Another template will be made available if an appeal is lodged.  It is incumbent on all residents – that means one letter per adult per household – to send in an objection when the time's right.  Severn Vale Housing will not have the smokescreen of Christmas to hoodwink us – as soon as the Parish Council are aware we will be aware.