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Tuesday 8th January Today (Thursday 13th December) is the last day you can submit an objection letter regarding the proposed development off Rock Pitch.  A template has been created here – please complete, amending address, name etc. then submit to planning@fdean.gov.uk.



5 Responses to “URGENT – Affordable Housing Objection Letter Template”

  1. Mrs Barbara Lane says:

    I am writing to oppose the planning application ref P1550/12/FUL at Rock Pitch in Redmarley.
    This is inappropriate development in a green belt area and will have a major visual impact as you approach the village which is itself in a conservation area. The proposal will be an obvious interruption to a very pleasing rural and green landscape.
    In addition, the village offers no amenities, no employment, has no public transport and the village school is currently full. This means that most of the properties will have requirements for at least one car. The local lanes are inadequate to support this as are the infrastructure of drains etc in an area which is already prone to flooding. The access onto the Redmarley lane is also an extra burden.
    I do not believe that there is a current identified need for this type of housing in this village and that it is in complete conflict with the character of the area.
    I hope you will consider these facts seriously and turn down the application.
    B. Lane

  2. david reynolds says:

    hi all!

    Withguard your dismissive way of turning down potential new houses and new investiment to the local area, i belive this is having a bad affect on the area. Me has a young person looking to get onto the houseing market, have no chance in redmarley due to the slow turn over of houses and the lack of new houses being built in the village for the younger generation, and let be fair, redmalrey is a ageing commuinty that requires younger people to take the village forward.

    Thanks dave!!

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for your post. The objection to the plan was based on the location of the proposed development – the site would have impacted on the attractiveness of the village and the lane/access into the site was totally inadequate. You can direct queries direct to Maureen Diss, the Clerk of the Parish Council at redmarley@matdiss.force9.net.