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The Staunton and Corse Surgery Patient Group

The group was formed in 2006 to replace the role of the community representatives in participating in discussions of the results of the annual Patient Survey.

Eight volunteers were recruited through advertisements in local Parish magazines, and with guidance from the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP) agreed a Mission Statement together with aims for the first year.


  1. To represent the practise population and act as a link between patients and staff, providing two-way communication.
  2. To support the Practise in continuing to improve the service to patients.


  1. In order to further communication between patients and surgery staff, to produce a quarterly Patient Group Newsletter.
  2. To be involved in all further yearly discussions on the Patient Survey results, and suggest ideas for actions following these discussions.

The Purpose and Aims of the group are reviewed annually.

The group continues to produce quarterly newsletters and has relayed patient’s comments received from a Suggestion box, to the surgery staff. Actions taken in response to suggestions are published regularly in the newsletters.

The Group has become an affiliated member of NAPP (National Association of Patient Participation) and has sent delegates to the NAPP Annual Conference and AGM. It continues to publicise Health Promotion initiatives on behalf of the surgery, and members attend the annual ‘flu clinics to further this aim.

Membership of the committee is open to patients registered with Staunton Surgery, plus anyone concerned with the day-to-day work and administration of the surgery, if not a registered patient. The committee aims to include representatives from each of the villages in the practise area.

Meetings are held quarterly at the surgery and more informal meetings are held in member’s houses approximately every 4/5 weeks.

New volunteers are invited to leave their names and contact details in the Suggestion Box in the surgery lobby. The group would welcome more male volunteers to redress the current imbalance among committee members. Further information can be obtained by contacting any committee member

Contact Details of Committee Members

Sheila Golightly (Chair) 01684 833144
Sheila Millichap (Secretary) 01452 840329
Brian Cobb 01452 780005
Sally David-Bond 01452 840900
Pat Davies 01452 700454
Jane Evans 01452 840302
Tegwen Harrison (Treasurer) 01531 650416
Judy McCarthy 01531 650114