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As an Outstanding School (official Ofsted designation) Redmarley School was invited by the Secretary of State to become an Academy with effect from August 1st 2011.  In becoming an Academy the school opted out of Gloucestershire county Council control and became an Independent State School but still preserving its links with the Church of England.

The Governors of the Academy have a direct control of all employment issues, payroll, buildings and land as well as the curriculum offered to the pupils.  Instead of receiving funding from Gloucestershire County Council, the funds come directly from the Department for Education and include the money that was previously top slicedby the Local Authority (LA).  The Governors and Headteacher are now responsible for setting up appropriate contracts with suppliers and for purchasing adequate services equivalent to those services that were provided by the LA with the hope of achieving better value for money.

Currently Redmarley School works very closely with our neighbouring schools in areas such as teacher development, and in providing joint opportunitiesfor our pupils; this arrangement is called the Leadon Cluster.  Within the Cluster, Staunton and Corse and Highnam primary schools have also converted to Academies and it is Redmarley's intention that the three new academies should work even more closely together in order to achieve greater efficiencies and to attract the very best resources for pupils.

In becoming an Academy Redmarley School hopes that they have secured the long term future for the school and have ensured that the school will remain as a centre of excellence offering pupils an outstanding education.