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Ben Reid and Michael Whitting are the Snow Wardens appointed by Gloucestershire County Council to deal with severe  snow and icy conditions.  They can be contacted on the following telephone numbers:

Michael Whitting Pendock Road, Redmarley. Tel. 01531 650533, Mobile 07719 922619 (emergencies only).

Ben Reid Durbridge Road, Redmarley. Tel. 01531 650508, Mobile 07971 275261 (emergencies only).

Please only use these numbers, particularly the mobile numbers, in an emergency situation.  The snow has to reach a level of six inches before they are allowed to use snow ploughs to clear it.  Michael Whitting will be responsible for the Lowbands side of Redmarley and Mr Reid for the centre of the village, Rock Pitch and Playley Green.  Obviously they will help each other out if the need arises.

The Met Office has published the ‘Snow Code‘ which explains that there are no laws against householders clearing driveways and footways in a sensible manner.  This is hoped to encourage the public to ‘self help’ themselves and others in severe weather conditions.