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We’ve had a busy summer in the Hall with Christenings, birthday parties and the Flower Festival… true, this was a Church function but tea, coffee and cakes were provided in the Hall for those who attended.
October will see a lot of activity in the Hall, our venerable ‘Heatmaster’ boiler is to be replaced with something more modern and efficient, so there will be no heating or hot water in the Hall during half-term week, 25-28th October. Fortunately this is a quiet time in our year.
The AGM will take place on 6th November and, as always, the meeting is open to everyone. The Hall is central to our community (if for no other reason than it has the only car park in the village), a venue for meetings, clubs and celebrations. It needs your support and if you can come along on the 6th November, please do – refreshments will be served after the meeting.

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