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Redmarley buses

Bus services calling at Redmarley

Service No 679  Tuesday and Friday (excluding public holidays)

Redmarley-Lowbands-Bromsberrow-Bromsberrow Heath-Brooms Green-Ledbury

Pick-up pointOutwardReturn
Newent, The Co-op10.0214.10
Upleadon, Eden Hill, The Cross10.0814.04
Brand Green, Village Hall10.1313.59
Redmarley, War Memorial10.2313.44
Playley Green, Redmarley, Post Office10.2613.41
Lowbands, Chartist Lane, Mill Lane10.2913.38
Bromesberrow Place, Nurseries10.3713.30
Bromesberrow, opp Letter House10.4113.26
Bromesberrow Heath, opp Post Office10.4513.22
Brooms Green, opp Memorial Hall10.4813.19
Greenway, Crossroads10.5013.17
Ledbury, High St, Memorial11.0013.07
Tescos, Ledbury11.0313.04

Click here for services run by Newent Community Transport