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The sale of the Beauchamp estates in Redmarley took place over 100 years ago in 1919. Recently, a plan of the sales in Redmarley has been discovered. Apparently there is not a copy of this plan No. 3 in the muniments room at Madresfield, although 1,2 & 4 are held by them.

You can now look at this plan on the History section of our website, together with the relevant pages from the sale particulars published at the time by the agents.

The plan itself is large, 92 cm by 112 cm, frail and has been folded for most of its life. It was difficult to scan and the colours are not always true. To fit on the screen, the detail is microscopic but there is a zoom viewer attached – hover your cursor over the area of the plan you want to view. You may need to reduce the magnification on your browser to view the zoom properly.  View the plan here.

Below the plan is a list of the properties and a link to the pages from the Madresfield Sale Particulars which describe each lot. At the end is a link to a list of the tenants at the time.