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The land & buildings shown on the plan are conveyed to the Trustees by the Secretary of State for Education subject to the terms of the First Schedule.


Clause 1

  • Property to be held on trust as a village hall and recreation ground for the inhabitants of the parish of Redmarley and neighbourhood
  • Without distinction of sex, political religious or other beliefs
  • In particular for meetings, lectures and classes, entertainment, training & recreation with the object of improving the conditions of life for those in the area of benefit.
  • Charity to be known as “Redmarley Village Hall & Recreation Ground” and to be administered in conformity with the deed by a Committee of Management who will be the trustees

Clause 2

Vesting of property in Official Custodian

Clause 3

Committee of Management

  • Committee shall include Elected & Representative members & co-opted members 
  • Elected members to serve for one year from AGM
  • Representative members to be appointed for one year by Appointing Organisations listed in Third Schedule
  • Up to 5 members may be co-opted
  • Re-election allowed

Clause 4

New Appointing Organisations may be designated by ⅔ majority of Committee subject to approval by S of S.

Clause 5

Casual vacancies

Clause 6

Proceedings not invalidated by defective appointments of members

Clause 7

Members on election/appointment to sign in minute book declaration of willingness to act on the trusts

Clause 8

Members or spouses not to receive remuneration or be interested in supply of goods or services to the Trust

 Clause 9

Members may resign. No bankrupt may be a member

Clause 10

At least two meetings per annum to be held. Any two members may summon a special meeting upon seven days notice.

Clause 11

Committee to elect a chairman

Clause 12

Simple majority required for decisions. Chairman has a casting vote.

Clause 13

AGM to be held in October of each year

  • All inhabitants of the benefit area over 18 years able to attend & vote
  • Seven days notice to public required
  • Committee to present annual accounts to the AGM

Clause 14

Net income to be spent maintaining & insuring the property and on furthering the purposes specified.

Clause 15

Obligation to insure the property of the Trust

Clause 16

Surplus cash not needed for working capital to be invested

Clause 17

Additional donations may be received

Clause 18

Minute book & books of account to be kept. Accounts to be sent each year to the Parish Council of any parish in the area of benefit.

Clause 19

Committee may permit hall to be used rent free subject to a payment in respect of costs of maintenance and use. May permit hall to be used for purposes other than those specified

Clause 20

Committee may mortgage the Trust property with the consent of the S of S

Clause 21

Committee may decide to discontinue use of Trust property

  • meeting of inhabitants to be called, to be advertised in newspaper
  • simple majority of that meeting may approve
  • with consent of S of S committee may sell all or part of property
  • funds to be held on trust for the purposes defined in this deed
  • or for other charitable purposes benefiting the inhabitants subject to consent of S of S
  • funds to be invested via Official Custodian

Clause 22

Committee has power to

  • vary the terms on which the Trust property may be used
  • appoint a secretary & treasurer
  • take on paid employees as Committee thinks necessary
  • fix a quorum with a minimum of ⅓ of members for time being

Clause 23

S of S has right to determine any questions about the deed


List of first trustees


List of appointing organisations:

      The Committee of the Women’s Institute

      The Trustees of the Methodist Chapel

      The Parochial Church Council

      The Committee of the Youth Club

      The Parish Council

      The Redmarley (Lowbands) Primary Church of England School

      The Committee of the Young Wives’ Group

      The Committee of the Mothers’ Union

      The Committee of the Football Club

      The Committee of the Cricket Club


Click HERE for a copy of the original deed of constitution